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- Tramaine in Broadway National Tour of "Dreamgirls"  this summer until June 9th 2013. "Dreamgirls" in Tokyo & Osaka, Japan as CC White u/s July 29th- Sept 1 2013. Click here to view schedule and attend a show!

- "The Tramaine Experience" back in Chicago July 12th 2013 7pm at Greenhouse Theatre 2257 N. Lincoln! 
Special Engagement. Pre-order tickets here

"Straight from break from the 2013 National Tour of 'Dreamgirls' and before heading overseas to Tokyo, Japan, Chicago's own 
Tramaine Montell Ford 
stops through his hometown for an exclusive one night only performance of the Off-Broadway award-winning "The Tramaine Experience," giving a hilarious and touchingly honest glimpse into life in Chicago's recently destroyed notorious Cabrini-Green Housing Projects. With previously standing room only workshop performances in NYC Time Square's Theatre Row, American Theater of Actors fostered by the producers of Broadway's mega-hit "Wicked" through The Araca Project, and Chicago's Gorilla Tango Comedy Center, this special engagement* comes to Lincoln Park's spacious Greenhouse Theater Center. Advance tickets strongly suggested."  -PressReleaseTTE2013 

"[Ford] takes us on a wild and raw journey to the Cabrini Green Projects where he grew up in Chicago and takes us out with pride, introducing us to five unforgettable characters…" -The New York Times

"An engaging theatrical experience"

"For once I felt like I was involved in an engaging theatrical experience as opposed to a spectator intruding on a malaise. For a one man show to do this, credit has to be given to director Robert Goodwin. Ford... does an elegant job at illustrating how the problems of Cabrini Green were endemic throughout the country, representing larger urban decay happening all over the nation." -Trish Vignola, Broadway World 

"With the demolition of Cabrini Green, 'The Tramaine Experience' has unwittingly elevated Ford to the status of creator of urban mythology" -Harlem World

- Want to help support "The Tramaine Experience: An Urban Dramedy" Off-Broadway coming back to NYC at the St. Luke Theatre in 2014 and benefit youth in the inner city? Donate to the fundraising campaign under standard 501-c3 not-for-profit tax write-off rules. Link coming soon.

 - Ford featured solo guest performer in The Bahamas as "The Devil" in  "The Legend of Sammie Swain" as a part of "Shakespeare in Paradise" Festival  Nassau, Bahamas October 2 - October 12th 2013.

- Coming soon; Photo Shoot in The Bahamas with Top Bahamian photographer Dominic Duncombe.

- Photo Shoot on Oahu with Top Hawaiian photographer Brandon Tabiolo.

- Tramaine in upcoming NOKIA commercial advertising the new revolutionary Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone 
with the latest generation of Nokia's massive 41-megapixel sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS).

- Ford continues "My Plate" performance tour for kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods in NYC December 5th- December 16th 2013. This semester visiting PS 129, PS 123, & PS 33.  New NYC schools TBA for March-April 2014 with two schools in Los Angeles early May 2014!

- Tramaine  on NY1 News, interview for "My Plate" tour. Watch here.

- Tramaine has joined
 the incoming class of 2016 at Harvard University A.R.T./ American Repertory Theatre/ M.X.A.T. Moscow Art Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University to earn a Masters of Fine Arts.

- New music coming soon! But first, make sure you have "Beast (Can't Do Me)" by Tramaine Montell at The iTunes Store. Buy it at ReverbNation and 50% will go toward "Keep A Child Alive" charity through Music For Good.

Behind the scenes preview of new song "U Mad" by following on Instagram 

Photo; The Island of Oahu. Kahala Beach. Honolulu, Hawaii. ©Brandon Tabiolo 2013.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   
Tramaine Montell Ford (born January 31) is an American actor, comedian, dancer, recording and voice-over artist born and raised in the notoriously known Cabrini-Green Projects in Chicago, IL. Ford was featured on NBC News as an upcoming rising star in 2009. Tramaine was apart of the cast of Hairspray (2007 film) starring John Travolta and has danced backup for American singer Lady Gaga live. With Hairspray, Tramaine has performed on the The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC's The Today Show, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ford was the first individual from a Chicago  Housing Projects to win at the Chicago Children's Alt Film Festival, taking home 1st place for best narrative, "The Potion" which he wrote and starred in as a kid. In 1999 he starred in "CoTingle" representing the USA at the 13th ASSITEJTheatre Festival in Tromso, Norway. Ford studied dance at The Ailey School as an Oprah Winfrey Scholarship recipient and has toured throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States performing in various Theatre and television productions including Elton John and Tim Rice's AIDA (musical) and NBC's Saturday Night Live. Mr Ford earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting with a minor in psychology from Syracuse University shortly after portraying Emmett Till in "The Ballad of Emmett Till" at the Black Repertory Theatre in 2006 and has an Off-Broadway One Man Show fostered by the producers of "Wicked," The Araca Group, in New York City, "The Tramaine Experience: An Urban Dramedy". Click here for full Biography.

2011 - The Araca Group, producers of Broadway's "Wicked," foster "The Tramaine Experience" Off-Broadway
March 7th 2012 - "The Tramaine Experience" College Tour Kick-Off at Syracuse University - Watch Video
[Ford interview featured in Syracuse University's The Daily Orange Newspaper]
March 8th - Tramaine Montell Ford Masterclasses at Syracuse University Department of Drama
March 23-April 6 - "My Plate" Musical Tour to disadvantaged children in NYC elementary schools
[Ford mentioned in The Huffington Post]
[Vote for the kids tour on Michelle Obama's Website Let']
April 30th - Excerpts from "The Tramaine Experience" in The Triad Theatre Showcase in NYC
May 1st - Tepper Semester Panel Guest Speaker
May 2012 - "AIDA" International Tour in Taiwan as "Mereb" understudy
June 30th - "The Tramaine Experience" in Chicago - Get tickets
August 9th - Tramaine performing live at the Bronx Open in Crotona Park Bronx, NY
August 20th - Teaching Hip-Hop class at Dance Theatre of Syracuse
November 5th- Tramaine performing in the Manhattan Monologue Slam CANCELLED due to Hurricane Sandy
Nov 23rd - "The Tramaine Experience" in Chicago Get tickets
[Ford and TTE in The Chicago Reader]
December 1st-14th - "My Plate" tour for disadvantaged kids continues in NYC
March 2013- Performing "My Plate" Dates TBA
  May 2013- The Tramaine Experience back in New York. Dates TBA
Summer 2013- "Beast (Can't Do Me)" Music Video
2013 - Opportunity as teaching artists at prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting Outreach Division. Stay tuned...


Mr. Tramaine Montell Ford how are you man?

I’m well. I am so happy and honored to be apart of this for Luxe7Mag. Thank you so much for having me.

Tell me and the Luxe7 readers a little about yourself.

Well, I’m a Chicago born and raised actor from the Cabrini Green Projects. I am also a singer, dancer, comedian, producer, and father...

Growing up who were your major influences?

Mostly, growing up I didn’t have any specific influences but I loved to watch a lot of Television. So I guess anyone on it. I knew with a huge passion that I wanted to do what I saw performers on TV doing… mostly sitcoms, primetime dramas, and great movies. When I got a little older, into my adolescence, I took early notice to Beyonce Knowles' star quality and begin to be inspired by her exceptional work ethic, and almost equally, her team of support. I started getting interested in singing and dancing training too.

Did you find it hard growing up and having a passion to be in entertainment being a male?

No... I was blessed that it wasn’t too hard for me being a male growing up doing this. There were fewer guys involved in theatre, dance classes, singing and creative projects than girls so it made me stand out a bit more. It brought more attention to me but luckily it was positive.

Did you have supportive parents?

I have an amazing single mother who has always been supportive of me pursuing this career. She has never once told me not to do it or to do something else… or ever discouraged my dreams. Growing up where we are from, Cabrini Green Projects, Theatre was out of the circle in that environment. My mom didn’t even know what Broadway was until way later and before I started doing them, didn’t attend any professional plays. But she saw every play and show I was in or a part of. One year, in my early adolescence we had a big mother-son argument. I was so angry as a young rebelling teen that I told her not to come to my show that evening and she agreed (laughs). After the show someone said “Great job Tramaine. I sat next to your mom.. but she rushed out as soon as it ended!” She had snuck in right at the start and sat in the back. I will never forget that.

Tramaine you are like a quad threat in this business, you dance, sing, act, model, teach etc. How do you stay balanced and work at all of these attributes in your career?

Well it is natural to me to do all that stuff for personal enjoyment and expression. I balance it by acknowledging the connection of them all and thinking of it as all one thing… as the same “animal”. My main passion is acting but I believe that they are all connected. They are all storytelling and I am a storyteller... when I dance, I act… when I sing, which I'm the least trained in, I think of my voice as dancing to the music, and mostly I act the song out… when I model, I play a character or discover real moments to have for the photographer to simply capture and also utilize body awareness from dance training. When I get a chance to teach, I believe it’s a creative exchange where I also learn and grow as an all around artist and more importantly, a human being. I think it’s important to give focus to that because before you get to any of the things I do, I want to be a great person.

What career took off the ground first?

My theatrical acting training began at 13 and propelled first as a teen. And at that time, I wrote a lot of original work. Then when I got to college, began dancing. After college, TV & film, then I started to gain some singing roles. Modeling and recording came after that. I now am stepping into producing and stand-up comedy.

What was your first major booking?

Hard to say, but I consider my first, I guess major booking, to be Hairspray (feature film 2007). I missed the initial auditions for Hairspray but toward the end of filming, they had an impromptu search for just 2 additional guys. I got that audition and joined the set for their final week of shooting. Out of that, I was chosen to perform with the cast for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Today Show, and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Your look is very different and I can tell your a mix breed of something(laughs), what are you mixed with? 

I identify as African-American. But I am also mixed with Native American I think, and down the line, I think some Cuban and French?

Who inspires you to move forward in your career?

Right now my biggest inspirations to continue are my mother and son.

What are some future projects you wish to embark on?

I really hope to do a sitcom in my life, a psychological thriller type of drama, and even a martial arts film one day because of my background in martial arts and boxing. I plan to do more songwriting and a couple music videos for some of my dance pop demo tracks which will feature a collaboration with Alica “Ya Yah” Townsend, whom I have a child with. I also hope to get to work with Beyonce.

Favorite TV shows?

Martin, Family Guy, Friends, Lost

Chicken, steak or fish?


How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a T-shirt and jeans type of guy with an urban GQ edge cuz I'll throw on a blazer or a nicer jacket on top of that. But not too clean cut. Simple. And not trying too hard.

 Favorite Quote?

“The purpose of life is to re-create yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you really are”

-From the book Friendship With God

Who is bumping in your IPOD?

Mostly Beyonce and Lil Wayne! And my son Ty's original song, "Electricity Shock"! It's on my Soundcloud.

When you die what do you want your legacy to be?

I want to have made a positive difference and contribution in the world, help people, spread positivity and dissolve some sterotypes by doing what I love.



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